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Fees per 15 week semester


per session per semester
1 hour private lesson at $50 $750
45 minute private lesson at $45 $675
1/2 hour private lesson at $35 $525
Chamber music 1 hour lesson at $30 $450
30 minute piano group lesson at $20 $300
30 minute string group lesson at $20 $300
Music theory/composition  
1 hour private lesson
in composition at $50
Music theory/Music 101/Liturgy course  
45 minute group class at $30 $450

Little Einstein Class

This fun 30 min class is for children ages three to five. The children will enjoy the introduction to classical music through songs, dance and rhythm. Several classical and folk instruments will be used during class. Parents need to be present as well.
Class limited to 10 children.

session at $20









Tuition free program for exceptionally gifted high school students


Audition date for 2010-2011 is
September 4, 12PM
at Farmington House, 258 Scott Swamp Road, Farmington, CT 06032-3187


To apply please call 860 944 0423

or e-mail


This program is for high school students and by audition only. It is designed to gather the best talent around the area and give them the opportunity to study with our highly qualified teachers for one year tuition free.